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"Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven!"
Matthew 5:16

The mission of the Foundational Christian Family Ministry is rather straightforward and unambiguous. Our mission is to advance the kingdom of God, by introducing the uninitiated to Jesus Christ, and helping to further grow the relationship that the seasoned Christian has with the Lord! We also have the mission of building sincere and lasting interpersonal relationships with our members, and thereby helping to truly advance the family of God! We are dedicated to presenting God's truths in a clear, easy-to-understand, and faithful manor. While doing this, we are committed to offering practical and realistic ways in which these truths can, and must be applied within our day-to-day "real" lives!

Although our mission is rather traditional, our means of accomplishing our mission is not. We like to say that the Foundational Christian Family Ministry combines state-of-the-art technology, with the "little country church". In many ways, this is the best description of who we are. At the core, any "church" is not, or at least should not, be defined by its brick and mortar. The "church" should be defined by its dedication to presenting Holy Scripture in as faithful of a manor as possible, its commitment to advancing the relationship that its members have with Jesus Christ, and sincerely working to build life-long interpersonal relationships within its congregation members. By these definitions, the FCFM is one of the more traditionally oriented "churches" around today! The objective of any church, as commanded by our Lord, is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and people. Again, by this definition, the Foundational Christian Family Ministry is a very traditional and classically oriented evangelical Christian church! In fact when examining our message, our mission, and our faith. We are in fact, a very real, and rather traditionally oriented Christian church! The aspect of our ministry that is obviously not traditional by definition, is the way that we have been lead to establish our rather traditionally oriented church. The fact that our church primarily exists via the Internet is a departure from the classic brick and mortar church building. To better understand why we have chosen to "build" our church via the Internet, it will help if we explain a bit more about those which we believe that God has given to us to minister to.

When first considering establishing the FCFM, like most people who establish churches, we had the conventional physical church building in mind. We prayed that God would bless us with a church, and then became confused over our failure to understand God's response. We prayed that God would bring those to us that He wanted us to minister to, and then again, we became confused over God's answer to our prayers. We prayed that we would be given the tools, necessary to advance His kingdom. And suddenly we realized that God had responded to each one of our prayers, but we were restricting the type of answers that we would except from Him. We were unconsciously trying to put God into a little restricted box. Our entire perspective changed, once we understood that our Lord is truly, too big to put into any box! In reality, He had given us the tools that we would need, to bring the gospel to the people that He had given to us to minister to!

Like us, there are many who are sincerely committed to following a foundational approach to their Christian life, but are unable to regularly attend a physical church in their local area. Some are prevented out of the reality that there are no foundationally oriented churches within their general geographical area, while others are prevented from attending local church services because of a physical disability or mobility limitation. Some people face the challenge of a lack of consistent and trustworthy day care for their little one's, while others are simply tired of attending services where the building takes priority over the spirituality! In short, we came to understand that there are many extremely sincere and dedicated Christians, who simply find it to be a challenge to attend services at a local physical church building. This does not mean however, that these folks are any less dedicated to Jesus Christ as anyone else! It simply means that Jesus Christ can and does reach out to everyone, and that He will not be restricted by the boxes that we humans try to put Him in! Welcome to the Foundational Christian Family Ministry!

Jesus' gospel has been brought to some of the most remote places on earth. Ministries have been established in jungles, deserts, on remote mountaintops, and in places where no one thought it would be possible. Church services have been held in tents, caves, grass huts, ships, on battlefields, in homes, and of course in elaborate temples. The message is what defines the church, and we are committed to the mission of building the Foundational Christian Family Ministry, into a true and lasting church congregation that will make our Lord Jesus Christ smile with satisfaction!

If you share our sincere commitment to our mission, then we welcome you to the FCFM with open arms and bended knees! Together, we can build a church that no challenges from Satan will be able to defeat!