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"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is;
but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching!"
Hebrews 10:25

Welcome to the Foundational Christian Family Ministry, where the latest state-of-the-art technology meets the "little country church"! We would like to take this opportunity to offer a few details concerning our services and events, and give you a sort of overview concerning how we are bringing our services to the Internet! Please let us know if you have any additional questions, or if you would like more details concerning our service schedule!

To see our current service and event schedule and to attend any of our services or events, simply click on our Home Page link titled "Click Here To See Our Service & Event Schedule, Or To Enter The FCFM Sanctuary". Our Sanctuary offers live voice conversation, and interpersonal interaction among all participants. As with all of our web site, the FCFM is committed to making sure that our Sanctuary is fully accessible to all, including those who are visually impaired and use screen readers such as JAWS or Window-Eyes! We welcome all who are sincerely seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and we are dedicated to making our ministry accessible to those who have restrictions that make conventional physical churches difficult to frequent! All you need to attend our services and events is a sincere desire, a microphone, and speakers or headphones!

Like any Christian church, the cornerstone of the FCFM schedule is our Sunday service. Our formal Sunday service is organized much like a conventional Sunday service, held within a physical church building. Our services run approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and begin with a Prays Report and Prayer Request period. During this time, individual members of our congregation can offer their prays reports, in which they give a brief overview of how God has been working in their lives over the past week. This is also a time for individual members of the congregation to request both spoken, as well as unspoken prayer requests. Afterward, the Pastor will lead the congregation in the opening prayer.

After the opening prayer, the Pastor will give his message/sermon. The FCFM sermon is conducted similarly to any other, whereby the Pastor will speak on a given spiritual topic, offering the scriptural references as well as practical applications surrounding the specific topic.

At the end of the sermon, the Pastor will lead the congregation in the closing prayer.

The only significant difference with our Sunday services, is that we do not have a regular musical worship period. On occasion music may be played, but the current technology that is used within our sanctuary does not allow conventional "sing-a-long" style prays. Otherwise our formal services are equivalent with those that are already familiar to most of our congregation.

We want to also reassure new visitors to our services, that our services are conducted by a fully and conventionally ordained minister of the Christian gospel!

Another feature of our service and event schedule that we are extremely prows of, is our Open Christian Fellowship. These are periods of time that have been set aside within our sanctuary, in which Christians can interact with each other in a more casual way. Our Open Christian Fellowships are also a great way for people to get to know others who are members of the FCFM, while also growing accustomed to the technical aspects of interacting within an Internet ministry. We eagerly invite you to participate within our Open Christian Fellowship gatherings! Periodically throughout our Open Christian Fellowship gatherings, the moderator of the session will offer general questions for consideration. These questions are general questions relating to either a particular scripture or spiritual point, given for the purpose of offering motivation for conversation. Our goals for these sessions are for the members of the FCFM to get to know each other on a more individual level, while also allowing newcomers to our ministry a chance to get to know us in a more casual setting.

Our Open Christian Fellowship sessions are normally 2 hours in length, but you can enter the discussion at any point during the 2 hours, and excuse yourself at any time. Again, these are more casual gatherings of Christians, and are conducted less formally. An official member of the FCFM leadership will oversee these gatherings however, simply to help to facilitate conversation, and also to ensure that these sessions remain respectful and Christian oriented.

As our membership grows, we have plans to offer a number of additional events, held within our sanctuary. Some of these events include Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Men's Meetings, Women's Meetings, down the road we also hope to add special Christian classes, as well as private Christian counseling. Our goal is to develop the FCFM into a full service oriented Christian church ministry! We strongly invite you to become involved, and to become a member of our congregation! The more participation we receive, the more that God can use this ministry!

Although the FCFM is spiritually structured similarly to a conventional physical church, we never the less recognize that there are some uniqueness to an Internet ministry. One of the most significant unique aspects, is that as an Internet ministry that hopes to remain open to the public, we subject our selves to those whose objectives are to disrupt, and disturb anything associated with Jesus Christ. We can not avoid interference from those who are apposed to the Christian gospel. We can however, along with your help, restrict the amount of disruption that they can have on those who sincerely want to deepen their relationship with Christ, and to become a productive and valuable member of the FCFM family. One of the ways that we protect the sanctity of our sanctuary, as well as protecting our individual members, is by enforcing a strict code of conduct! We simply will not allow our sanctuary to be degraded into "just another public chat room"!

When interacting within any of our sanctuary activities, we ask that you observe some basic rules of conduct. Our rules may seem rather restrictive by some, but please remember that if we all are diligently dedicated to maintaining the respectful conduct of a Christian fellowship, we can all protect this ministry from those whose only goal is to disrupt the fellowship of God's people!

1. There is absolutely no profanity, sexual references, or other such offensive language allowed within the FCFM sanctuary!
2. Disagreements are welcomed, as long as they are respectfully conducted and do not involve personal attacks or disrespectful and hurtful language! Please maintain interaction with your fellow sanctuary participants respectfully, and lovingly!
3. Part of respectful conduct, is to address those who are FCFM leadership by their given titles, such as "Pastor Jones", "Elder Smith", etc.
4. We require those who enter the sanctuary, to sign in by giving their full first and last name! There are 2 primary reasons for this. Firstly, we want to build sincere and long-term interpersonal connections among our members. In order to facilitate this goal, we want our members to have the opportunity to develop identifications with each other. The second reason that we require both first and last names, is in order to further discourage those who wish to disrupt our services, and prefer to remain anonymous to allow them to perform their mischief.
5. We anticipate that we will be visited from time to time by those who while perhaps not members of the FCFM, are never the less members of other church clergy. We welcome them, and in no way wish to disrespect them! To avoid confusion among the FCFM sanctuary participants however, we ask that only FCFM authorized leaders use titles when signing into our sanctuary. Certainly an individual is free to give their official credentials while conversing, but it can lead to confusion if non FCFM leaders officially sign in with titles such as Pastor, Reverend, Minister, etc.